60 seconds with Tom Glancey


At what age did you start playing music?
At aged 9, I got my first guitar and could play by ear right away.

What was the first music you ever heard
Dixieland Jazz & 70’s rock/pop.

What music did you first buy?

70’s rock.

How did you join Los Skeletone Blues?
I originally joined to play bass, then switched to guitar.

What’s it like playing in Los Skeletone Blues?
Great songs and times and the jokes.

What are your other pastimes?

Surfing, eating, sleeping, being.

How do you write original material?

With a pen, paper & guitar, then imagination.

What drives you to keep playing?
Playing music is part of me, so it’s easy to keep on playing.

What instruments do you like most and why?

Guitar, bass and drums because they rule!

What about sounds, Amps and tones?
I prefer Fender guitars & valve combo amps with vintage tones.

Which musicians most influenced your music?
All musicians who play good and with real feel are constantly influencing and inspiring me... from all the greats to the busker on the street corner.

Do you ever struggle for inspiration?

What are your ambitions for your music in 2016?
My ambitions are to continue to develop as a performer, songwriter and producer.

Why should we come and see you play?
Because we always put on a good show.

What’s your favourite Sydney venue?

Anywhere friendly, with good staff, stage, P.A. lighting etc. and a good crowd!

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