60 seconds with Keith Hunter

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At what age did you start playing music?
At 13.

What was the first music you ever heard?
"Marie's the name of his latest flame." Elvis Presley.

What music did you first buy?
" I feel fine" - The Beatles.

How did you get to join Los Skeletone Blues?

I answered an advert in the music paper, heard the band, got the CD,
and then learnt the tunes before the audition.

What’s it like playing in Los Skeletone Blues?

Usually pretty good... sometimes great.

What are your other pastimes?

Eat, drink, sleep, read philosophy and a simple life.

How do you write original material?
Put pen to paper, learn from the past.

What drives you to keep playing?
Emotional release.

What instruments do you like most and why?
A Guitar > Cord > Amp.

Got a favourite Los Skeletone Blues track?
Better Girlfriend and Baby Loves Me.

Which musicians most influenced your music?

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Paladins, and blues masters like Howlin’ Wolf.

Tell us something about yourself that very few people know?
I like the philosophy of Lin Yutang.

Do you ever struggle for inspiration?

I've yet to have an original thought.

What are your ambitions for your music in 2016?

I have no ambition. Life unfolds according to its own plan.

Why should we come and see you play?
We like to make money so we can continue to play the music we like, and not the 'other' bullshit.

What’s your favourite Sydney venue?
The one's where we get to play...

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